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    Welcome to Stylish Equestrian

    What happens when you combine a passion for horses with a love for fashion and design? Stylish Equestrian is a story over 30 years in the making...

    My mother’s seemingly small decision to sign me up for riding lessons at age four changed the course of my life forever. We bought an American Saddlebred, and I started competing at shows around the country, which in turn set me on the path to the woman I have become and introduced me to an industry I have since devoted my life to. 

    My dream as a kid was to own a fashion magazine. I have always been fascinated with design and fashion; however, in 1999 my passion for horses overshadowed my love of the fashion world and brought me to a longstanding career at National Horseman Magazine. Nearly 20 years later, I had the opportunity to purchase National Horseman and was proud to find myself at the helm of this historical, 150-year-old institution. 

    When I bought National Horseman, my goal was to turn it into the “Vogue” of the show horse world. As the publisher, I have never been afraid to take risks and tread new ground. In 2014, I expanded our existing coverage into the world of Morgan horses, and in 2016, we launched our second title, National Horseman Arabian.

    As National Horseman continued to grow, I noticed that the world of equestrian retail lacked a singular source for carefully curated, upscale items for equestrians. To launch an online store with the modern equestrian in mind was a natural progression for me. It seemed the perfect opportunity to combine my love of horses, design and fashion, as I knew that my lifetime in the equine world, coupled with my passion for retail, gave me the perfect foundation to develop a store that in every way is for equestrians, by equestrians. To now be able to curate items for people who love horses as much as I do is a role I take very seriously and one I love to do, as every item available in our store is one I would personally buy myself.

    To be blessed with a career that combines my deep-rooted love of horses and style, with a platform that allows me limitless possibilities to push the boundaries of my creativity is truly a dream come true. From working with companies to create exclusive, never-before-seen products, to discovering and supporting small business owners, to organizing photo shoots with products I am excited to share, developing every detail of this business has been more rewarding than words can explain. I feel that, just like National Horseman, Stylish Equestrian has raised the bar and played an instrumental part in modernizing an otherwise old-fashioned industry. I’m proud to be a part of creating the premier luxury retail destination for the modern equestrian.

    -Allison Lambert, Owner

    Thank you for shopping with us!